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Rotiboy Signatures

Rotiboy signatures is originally made up of Only the Rotiboy bun which in early 2001 started the bun revolution and single handedly brought us to where we are today.
Since then the Boy family has expanded to include other siblings like Buttermilkboy, Mochaboy, Cheeseboy, Durianboy, making up the Rotiboy Signature Range.
Our signature buns are normally best consumed within 25 minutes after being baked.
By opting for online purchase and delivery, the product taste may be different as it takes time to deliver to our customers.
To ensure minimal loss in consumption experience, our delivery policy are as follows;

  1. Buns for Delivery will be baked specifically for Delivery.
  2. Fresh baked buns will be sent for delivered fresh from the oven.
  3. We only deliver within a radius of a maximum 25 minutes from our Delivery outlet.
  4. Signature buns may or may not be warm when delivered.


RM 2.95 ( SST Inclusive )


RM 3.20 ( SST Inclusive )


RM 3.20 ( SST Inclusive )


RM 3.70 ( SST Inclusive )

Rotiboy Buy 5

RM 14.15 ( SST Inclusive )

Buttermilkboy Buy 5

RM 15.40 ( SST Inclusive )

Mochaboy Buy 5

RM 15.40 ( SST Inclusive )

Cheeseboy Buy 5

RM 17.90 ( SST Inclusive )

Rotiboy Buy 50

Contact Us : +6011 1635 3128

Buttermilkboy Buy 50

Contact Us : +6011 1635 3128

Mochaboy Buy 50

Contact Us : +6011 1635 3128

Cheeseboy Buy 50

Contact Us : +6011 1635 3128